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1 Gauge Theories Abers E S & Lee B W North Holland Pub. CTSL.abe01
2 Introduction to General Relativity Adlen Bazin & Schiffer McGraw Hill CTSL.adl01
3 Visual Geometry and Topology Anatolij F Springer-Verlag CTSL.ana01
4 Advanced in Dynamical Systems and Quantum Physics Albeverio S Figari R Orlandi E Teta A World Sc. CTSL.alb01
5 Advanced in Dynamical Systems and Quantum Physics Albeverio S Figari R Orlandi E Teta A World Sc. CTSL.alb01
6 Origin of Inertia Amitabha G Apeiron CTSL.ami01
7 Groups and Symmetry Armstrong MA Springer - Verlag CTSL.arm01
8 Relational Mechanics Assis A K T Apeiron CTSL.ass01
9 Solutions Mannual for Molecular Quantum Mechanics Assis A K T Oxford University CTSL.atk01
10 Harmonic Analysis on Symmetric Spaces and Applicationa I Audrey Terras Springer - Verlag CTSL.audr01
11 Harmonic Analysis on Symmetric Spaces and Applicationa II Audrey Terras Springer - Verlag CTSL.aud01
12 An Introduction to Astrophysics Baidyanath B Prentice Hall Inc CTSL.bai01
13 Classical Topology & Quantum States Balachandran Marmo Suagerstam & Stern World Sc. CTSL.bal01
14 A Course in Mathematics I Bamberg P Sternberg S Camb. Univ. CTSL.bam01
15 A Course in Mathematics II Bamberg P Sternberg S Camb. Univ. CTSL.bamb01
16 Elementary Differential Geometry Barrett O' Neill Academic Press CTSL . bar01
17 Selective Computation Bellman R E World Sc. CTSL.bel01
18 Mathematical Methods in Medicine Bellman R E World Sc. CTSL.bell01
19 Counter Examples in Analysis Bernard R G John M H O Holden - Day INC CTSL.ber01
20 Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics Bernard Schutz F Camb. U Press CTSL.bern01
21 Thrust areas of Astronomy & Astrophysics Bhattacharyya J C Venugopal V R INSA CTSL.bha01
22 Mathematics - The Music of reason Bieudonne J Springer - Verlag CTSL.bie01
23 Galactic Astronomy Binney J Merrifield M Princeton Univ. Press CTSL.bin01
24 Quantum Field Theory of Point Particles and Strings Brain Hatfield Add. Wesley CTSL.bra01
25 Introduction to Differential Geometry for Engineers Brain F Doolin Clyde F Martin Marcel Dekker Inc. CTSL.brai01
26 Centenary Lectures Chandrasekharan K Springer - Verlag CTSL.cha01
27 Some Elemantary Gauge Theory Concepts Chan H M Shoung T T World Sc CTSL.cha01
28 Quark mixing in weak interactions Chau L L North Holl. Pub. CTSL.chau01
29 Information Randomness & Incompleteness Chaitin G J World Sc CTSL.chai01
30 Topology and Geometry for Physicists Charles N Siddhartha S Academic Press CTSL.char01
31 Studies in Global Geometry and Analysis (Vol. IV) Chern S S Prentice Hall Inc. CTSL.che01
32 Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition & their applications Chen C H World Sc. CTSL.chen01
33 Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Francis F Chen Plenum Press CTSL.chen001
34 First Concepts of Topology Chinn W G Steenrod N E The Math. Ass. CTSL.chi01
35 The Physics of Fluids & Plasmas Arnab Rai Choudhuri Camb. Univ. CTSL.cho01
36 Modern Differential Geometry Chris J Isham World Sc. CTSL.chr01
37 Was Einstein Right ? Clifford M W Basic Books Inc. CTSL.cli01
38 Data Structures and C Programs Cristopher J V A Wesley Pub. Company CTSL.cri01
39 Differential Forms and Connections Darling R W R Camb. Univ. CTSL.dar01
40 Woman-work Davin Delia Oxpord Univ. Press CTSL.dav01
41 Solid State Physics Dekker A J Macmilan (I) Ltd. CTSL.dek01
42 Computational Mathematics Demidovih & Maron MIR Pub. CTSL.dem01
43 From Newton to Mandelbrot Dietrich S & Eugene H S Springer - Verlag CTSL.die01
44 Classical & Quantum Dynamics Dittrich W & Reuter M Springer - Verlag CTSL.dit01
45 Elementary Topology Donald W Blackett Academic Press CTSL.don01
46 Mathematical Technique in Crystallography & Materials Science Edward Prince Springer - Verlag CTSL.edw01
47 Gravitation Gauge theories and Differential Geometry Eguchi T Peter B Gilkey Hanson A J N H P C CTSL.egu01
48 Riemann Surfaces Farkas H A& Kra I Springer - Verlag CTSL.far01
49 Lectures on Physics(Vol.I) Feynman Leighton Sands Narosa Publ. House CTSL.feyn01
50 Lectures on Physics(Vol.II) Feynman Leighton Sands Narosa Publ. House CTSL.fey01
51 Lectures on Gravitation Feynman R P CTSL.feynm01
52 Differential Forms Flanders H Academic Press CTSL.fla01
53 Statistical Thermodynamics Flower Guggenheim Camb. Univ. CTSL.flo01
54 The Linear Algebra Problem Solver Fogiel M & Direcln Resh. & Edu. Asso. CTSL.fog01
55 A first course in Abstract Algebra Fraleigh J B A Wesley Pub. Company CTSL.fra01
56 Basic Concepts of Algebraic Topology Fred H C Springer - Verlag CTSL.fre01
57 Harmonic maps and Minimal Immersions through Representation Theory Gabor Toth Academic Press CTSL.gab01
58 Nonlinearities in Action Gaponov A V & RabinovichM I Springer - Verlag CTSL.gap01
59 Physicsl Chemistry(Vol. I) Gerasimov Y MIR CTSL.ger01
60 Physicsl Chemistry(Vol. II) Gerasimov Y MIR CTSL.gera01
61 Nonlinear and Collective Phenomena in Quantum Physics Gervais J L Jacob M World Scientific CTSL.gerv01
62 Probability An Introduction Goldberg S Dover Publ. CTSL.gol01
63 Quasimolecular Modelling Greenspan D Publ. World CTSL.gre01
64 Surfaces Griffiths H B Camb.Univ. CTSL.gri01
65 Differential Geometry Guggenheinner H W Pan American CTSL.gug.01
66 Physics Part II Halliday & Resnik Wiley Eastern CTSL.hal01
67 A Course of Pure Mathematics G H Hardy Camb.Univ. CTSL.har01
68 Proceedings of the Symposium Charecterising complex Systems Henrik Bohr World Scientific CTSL.hen01
69 Vectors Bundles in Mathematical Physics (Vol. I) Hermann R W A Benjamin CTSL.her01
70 Homology Theory Hiiton P J Wylie S Camb Univ. Press CTSL.hil01
71 The Theory and Applications of Harmonic Integrals Hodge W V D Camb.Univ. CTSL.hod01
72 Introduction to Compact Lie Groups Howard D F World Sc CTSL.how01
73 A Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics Ian D Lawrie Adam Hilger CTSL.ian01
74 Parallel Image Analysis and Processing Inoue K Nakamura A Nivat M Saoudi A Wang PSP World Scientific CTSL.ino01
75 An Introduction to Mathematical Cosmology Islam J N Camb.Univ. CTSL.isl01
76 Fundamentals of Physics Ivanov B N MIR Pub. CTSL.iva01
77 Lectures notes on Turbulence Jackson R H James C M World Sc. CTSL.jac01
78 Topology James R. Munkres Prentice Hall CTSL.jam01
79 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics James D B Sidney D D McGraw Hill CTSL.jame01
80 The Landau Theory of Phase Transitions Jean & Pierre Toledano World Scientific CTSL.jea01
81 A Lie Group : Rotations in Quantum Mechanics Jean-Marie Normand N H P C CTSL.jean01
82 Creation and Annihilation Operators John Avery McGraw-Hill Int. CTSL.joh01
83 Elementary Topics in Differential Geometry John A Thorpe Springer - Verlag CTSL.john01
84 Complex Functions Jones A Singerman D Camb.Univ. CTSL.jon01
85 Supersymmetry and Supergravirty Julius W & Jonathan B Princeton Univ.Press CTSL.jul01
86 Highest Weight Representations of Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras Kac V G Raina A K World Sc. CTSL.kac01
87 Integral Formulas in Riemannian Geometry Kentaro Y Marcel Dekker CTSL.ken01
88 Almost Complex Homogeneous Spaces and their Submanifolds Kichoon Yang World Sc. CTSL.kic01
89 Elements of the Theory of Representations Kirillov A A Springer - Verlag CTSL.kir01
90 Topology Klaus Janich Springer - Verlag CTSL.kla01
91 Astronomy in India Kochhar R Narlikar J INSA CTSL.koc01
92 From Spectroscopy to Chaos Koltum D Das A World Sc. CTSL.kol01
93 Problems and Exercises in the Calculus of Variations Krasnov M L Maarenko G J Kiselev A J MIR Publishers CTSL.kra01
94 Problems & Exercises in Integral Equations Krasnov M Kiselev A Makarenko G MIR Pub. CTSL.kras01
95 On formally Undecidable Propositiuons of Principia Mathematica and Related Systems Kurt Godel Oliver & Boyd CTSL.kur01
96 Theoretical Physics Applications of Vectors Matrices Tensors & Quaternious Kyrala A W B Saun. Com. CTSL.kyr01
97 Practical Stability of Nonlinear Systems Lakshmikantham Leela Martynyuk World Sc. CTSL.lak01
98 Theory of Elasticity Landau & Lifshitz CTSL.lan01
99 Theory of Elasticity Landau & Lifshitz Pergamon Press CTSL.lan02
100 Fluid Mechanics Landau Lifshitz Pergamon Press CTSL.land01
101 Fluid Mechanics Landau Lifshitz Pergamon Press CTSL.land02
102 Renormalization From Lorentz to Landau Laurie M Brown Springer - Verlag CTSL.lau01
103 Measure and the Integral Lebesgue H Holden-Day Inc. CTSL.leb01
104 Theoretical Physics Lectures at Seminar Int. Atom. Energy Assoc. CTSL.lec01
105 Elements of the Theory of Computation Lewis H R & Christos H P Prentice Hall Int. CTSL.lew01
106 Unitary Symmetry and Elementary Particles Lightenberg D B Academic Press CTSL.lig01
107 Problems & Solutions on Optics Lim Y- K World Sc. CTSL.lim01
108 The Relativistic Theory of Gravitation Logunov & Mestvirishvili MIR Pub. CTSL.log01
109 The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Loney S L Milan CTSL.lon01
110 An Introduction to Mathematical Methods of Physics Lorella M J The Benj. Publ. CTSL.lor01
111 Exercises in Group Theory E S Ya A A & Lesokhin M M Plenum Press CTSL.lya01
112 The Application of Group Theory in Physics Lyubarskii CTSL.lyu01
113 Matrix Differential Calculus with Applications in Statistics and Economics Magnus J R Neudecker H John Wiley CTSl.mag01
114 Many Particle Physics Mahon G D Plenum Press CTSL.mah01
115 High Energy Astrophysics Malcolm S L Camb.Univ. CTSL.mal01
116 Transistor circuit approximations Malvino A P McGraw Hill CTSL.malv01
117 Introduction to mechanics and Symmetry Marsdem J E Tudor S R Springer - Verlag CTSL.mar01
118 Physics of the Inner Heliosphere 1. Large-Scale Phenomena Marsch E Schwenn R Springer - Verlag CTSL.mars01
119 Physics of the Inner Heliosphere 2. Particles Waves and Turbulence Marsch E Schwenn R Springer - Verlag CTSL.mars02
120 Proceedings of the Int. conference on communiction computers & devices (Vol. I) Maskara S L Lamba T S Allied Pub. CTSL.mas01
121 Proceedings of the Int. conference on communiction computers & devices (Vol. II) Marsch E Schwenn R Springer - Verlag CTSL.mask01
122 Principles of Optics Max Born Emil Wolf Pergamon Press CTSL.max01
123 Cosmic Topology Merc L R Jean-Pierre L North Holl CTSL.mer01
124 Engineering Mechanics (Vol II) Dynamics Merianm J L Kraige L G John Wiley CTSL.meri01
125 Quantum Mechanics Merzbacher E John Wiley CTSL.merz01
126 Galois Dream : Group Theory & Differential Equations Michio Kuga Birkhauser CTSL.mic01
127 A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology Michael Henle W H Freeman & Com. CTSL.mich01
128 Applicable Mathematics in the Golden Age J C Misra Narosa Pub. CTSL.mi01
129 Computing and Information Sciences J C Misra Narosa Pub. CTSL.misra01
130 Uncertainty and Optimality J C Misra Narosa Pub. CTSL.jcm01
131 Computational Mathematics Modelling and Algorithms J C Misra Narosa Pub. CTSL.jcmr01
132 Cosmological Inflation & Large Scale Structure A R Liddle D H Lyth Camb. Univ. CTSL.lyt01
133 Applicable Mathematics J C Misra Narosa Pub. CTSL.mis01
134 Recent Trends in Mathematical Sciences J C Misra S B Sinha Narosa Pub. CTSL.misr01
135 Mathematics and Mathematicians at the IIT Kharagpur J C Misra Allied Pub. CTSL.misraj01
136 Dynamics of Universe Mohanty B C CTSL . moh01
137 Classical Tessellations and three- Manifold Montesion J M Springer - Verlag CTSL.mon01
138 Matrix Groups Morton L C Springer - Verlag CTSL.mor01
139 An Elementary Primer for Gauge Theory Moriyasu K World Sc. CTSL.mori01
140 Quarks Nambu Y World Sc. CTSL.nam01
141 General Relativity and Cosmology Narlikar J V MacMilan Press CTSL.nar01
142 Gravitation & Relativity At the turn of the Millennium Naresh D Narlikar J V IUCAA CTSL.nare01
143 Gravitation & Relativity At the turn of the Millennium Naresh D Narlikar J V IUCAA CTSL.nare02
144 Gravitation & Relativity At the turn of the Millennium Naresh D Narlikar J V IUCAA CTSL.nare03
145 Introduction to Cosmology Narlikar J V Camb. Univ. CTSL.narl01
146 Geometric Quantazation in Action Norman E H D Reidel Pub. Com CTSL.nor01
147 Mathematical Physics Reviews Novikov S P Soviet Scientific CTSL.nov01
148 New Ideas in Algebraic Topology Novikov S P CTSL.novi01
149 Formation of Structure in the Universe A Dekal J P Ostriker Camb. Univ. CTSL.ost01
150 Theoretical Astrophysics (Vol. I) Padmanaban T Camb. Univ. CTSL.pad01
151 Theoretical Astrophysics (Vol. I) Padmanaban T Camb. Univ. CTSL.padm01
152 Structure formation in the Universe Padmanaban T Camb. Univ. CTSL.padma01
153 ProbabilityRandom Variables and Stochastic Process Papoulis A McGraw Hill CTSL.pap01
154 Cosmological Physics Peacock J A Camb. Univ. CTSL.pea01
155 The Large Scale Structure of the Universe Peebles P J E Princeton Univ. CTSL.peeb01
156 Principles of Physical Cosmology Peebles P J E Princeton Univ. CTSL.pee01
157 Principles of Physical Cosmology Peebles P J E Princeton Univ. CTSL.pee02
158 Learning Higher Mathematics Pontrjagin L S Springer - Verlag CTSL.pon01
159 The Quantum Dice Ponomarev L I MIR CTSL.pono01
160 Lectures in Geometry M. Postnikov MIR Pub. CTSL.pos01
161 Lectures in Geometry M. Postnikov MIR Pub. CTSL.pos01
162 Introduction La Theorie Des Groupes de Lie Classiques Rached M Frederic T Hermann Collection CTSL.rac.01
163 Modern Logic & Quantum Mechanics Rachel Wallace Garden Adam Hilger Ltd CTSL.rach01
164 WHEEP - 5 Rajiv V G Rohini M G Pramana CTSL.raj01
165 Geometry Analysis and Mechanics Rassias J M World Sc. CTSL.ras01
166 The Physics of Phonons Reissland J A John Wiley CTSL.rei01
167 Introduction to special relativity Resnik R John Wiley & Sons CTSL.res01
168 Physics Resnik Halliday Krane John Wiley & Sons CTSL.resn01
169 Quasilinearization and the Identification problem Richard B Robert R World Sc. CTSL.ric01
170 Introduction to the Physics of Complex Systems Roberto S Massimo A Mario C & Gianni Z Pergamon Press CTSL.rob01
171 Lie Groups Lie Algebras & Some of their applications Robert G John Wiley & Sons CTSL.robe01
172 Worked Examples in Modern Physics Rogers & Stephens London Iliffe Books Ltd CTSL.rog01
173 Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists Ronald E W Raymonds HM Sharon l M Keying Y Pearson Education CTSL.ron01
174 Quantum field theory Ryder L H Academic Pub CTSL.ryd01
175 Modern Quantum Mechanics Sakurai J J The Benj. Cumm. Pub. CTSL.sak01
176 Modern Quantum Mechanics Sakurai J J Add. Wesley CTSL.saku01
177 Formal Languages Salomaa A Academic Press CTSL.sal01
178 Riemannian Geometry and Holonomy Groups Salamon S Longman Scintific Training CTSL.sala01
179 Jewels of Formal Language Theory Salomaa Arto Computer Sc. Press CTSL.salo01
180 Lie Methods in Optics Sanchez J M & Wolf K B Springer - Verlag CTSL.san01
181 Picture interpretation A symbolic approach Sandy D Terry C Zhi-Qiang L World Sc. CTSL.sand01
182 Lie Groups and Algebra with Applications to Physics Geometry and Mechanics Sattinger D H Weaner O L Springer - Verlag CTSL.sat01
183 Mathematics form and Function Saunders M L Springer - Verlag CTSL.sau01
184 Differential Forms Schreiber M Springer - Verlag CTSL.sch01
185 A first course in general relativity Schutz B F Cambridge Univ. Press CTSL.schu01
186 Open Questions in Relativistic Physics Selleri F Apeiron Montreal CTSL.sel01
187 Formation of topological defects and other consequences of phase transitions in field theories Sengupta S IOP BBSR CTSL.sen01
188 Solutiuons of Problems in Irrigation Engineering Shahane & Iyengar CTSL.sha01
189 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Frontiers in Science Shirley S C Peter G D American Inst. of Physics CTSL.shi01
190 The Physical Universe An Introduction to Astronomy Frank H Shu Univ. Science Books CTSL.shu01
191 An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory Silvan S Schweber Row Petreson CTSL.sina01
192 Cosmology & Large Scale Structure R Schaeffer J Silk Elsevier CTSL.silk01
193 Cosmology & Large Scale Structure R Schaeffer J Silk Elsevier CTSL.silk02
194 Mathematics modelling of nonlinear systems (Vol.I) Sinha S B Misra J C Maths Dept. IIT Kgp CTSL.sin01
195 Dynamical Systems Sinai Y G World Sc. CTSL.sina01
196 Mathematics modelling of nonlinear systems (Vol.I) Sinha S B Misra J C Maths Dept. IIT Kgp CTSL.sinh01
197 Text Book on Spherical Astronomy Smart W M Cambridge Univ. CTSL.sma01
198 An Introduction to Radio Astronomy B F Burke F G Smith Cambridge Univ. CTSL.smi01
199 Forever Undecided Smullyan R Oxpord Univ. Press CTSL.smu01
200 Proceedings of the fourth Int. Conf. On Gravitation & Cosmology Somnath Naresh D Sayan K Indian Academy of Sc. CTSL.som01
201 Proceedings of the workshop on cosmolgy Somnath B Sayan K Indian Academy of Sc. CTSL.somn01
202 Neural Networks Computers with Intuition Soren B Benny L World Sc. CTSL.sor01
203 Group Theory and Physics Sternberg S Camb. Univ. CTSL.ste01
204 Lectures on Classical Differential Geometry Struik D J Dover Pub. CTSL.str01
205 Mathematics + Physics (Vol. I) Streit L World Sc. CTSL.strei01
206 Mathematics + Physics (Vol. I) Streit L World Sc. CTSL.stre01
207 Introduction to metric and topological Spaces Sutherland WA Clarendon Press CTSL.sut01
208 The Theory of Functuions of a Complex Variable Sveshnikov A Tikhonov A MIR Pub. CTSL.sve01
209 The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements Thomas L Heath Dover Pub CTSL.tho01
210 Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy Thompson Moran & Swenson John Wiley CTSL.thom01
211 Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy Thompson Moran & Swenson John Wiley CTSL.thom02
212 Rebirth of the electron : Electromagnetism Tiwari S C CTSL.tiw01
213 Some aspects of Self-Dual gauge theories in two and three dimensions Tripathy P K IOP BBSR CTSL.tri01
214 Introduction to Mathematical Probability Uspensky J V McGraw Hill CTSL.usp01
215 Lecture notes in Physics Vega H J Sanchez N Springer - Verlag CTSL.veg01
216 A Text Book of Fungi Venkateswarlu Maruthi Book Depot CTSL.ven01
217 At the speed of light Venkataraman G Universities Press CTSL.venk01
218 A Collection of Problems on the Equations of Mathematical Physics Vladimirov VS MIR Pub. CTSL.vla01
219 Unitary Transformations in Solid State physics Wagner Max N H P C CTSL.wag01
220 General Relativity R M Wald Chicago Press CTSL.wal01
221 The Quantum Theory of Fields (Vol.I) Weinberg S Cambridge Univ. Press CTSL.wei01
222 The Quantum Theory of Fields (Vol.I) Weinberg S Cambridge Univ. Press CTSL.wein01
223 A journey into Gravity and Spacetime (Vol.I) Wheeler J A Scientific American Library CTSL.whe01
224 Group Theory (Vol.I) Wigner Scientific American Library CTSL.wig01
225 Algebraic Topology William Fulton Springer - Verlag CTSL.wil01
226 Numerical Recipes in Fortan William H P Saul A T William T V & Brain P F Camb. Univ. CTSL.will01
227 A Course of Modern Analysis Wittakrer & Watson Universal Book Stall CTSL.wit01
228 Variational Principle in Dynamics and Quantum Theory Wolfgang Y Stanley M Dover Pub. CTSL.wol01
229 A Histroy of Psychology Yaroshevsky M Progress Publ CTSL.yar01
230 Quantum Chromodynamics Yndurain F J Springer - Verlag CTSL.ynd01
231 Problems & Solutiuons on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Yung-Kuo L World Sc. CTSL.yun01
232 Translations of Mathematical Monographs Zelobenko D P American Math. Soc CTSL.zel01
233 Mathematical Logic for Computer Science Zhongwan L World Sc CTSL.zho01
234 Problems in Distributions and Partial Differential Equations Zuily C Hermann Publishers CTSL.zui01
235 Lectures on Group & Vector Spaces for Physicists Zuily C Hermann Publishers CTSL.01
236 Industrial Mathematics and Statistics J.C.Mishra Narosa CTSL.jcmis01
237 Gravitation and Cosmology Steven Weinberg Wiley CTSL.stev01
238 Biographical memories of fellows of the Indian National Science Academy I.N.S.A INSA CTSL.ind01
239 The Gravitational Millon-Body Problem Douglas Heggie and Piet Hut Cambridge CTSL.dou01
240 1984: Spring A Choice of Futures C.Clarke Granada CTSL.cla01
241 3001 The Final Odyssey C.Clarke Harper Collins CTSL.cla02
242 Advances in Space Research in India Varma R.K Diamond Jubilee CTSL.var01
243 Theoretical Astrophysics Vol.-III Padmanabhan T Cambridge CTSL.padm02
244 Proceedings of the Indian National Science Academy - Sep 03 Vol.-69/5 Indian National Science Academy Indian National Science Academy CTSL.ins01
245 Introductory Statistics-2nd Edition Sheldom M.Ross Elsevier CTSL.she01
246 The Distribution of the Galaxies William C.Saslaw Cambridge CTSL.wil01
247 Probability and Statistics Jay L.Devore Thomson Duxbury CTSL.jay01
248 Astroparticle Physics Claus Grupen Springer CTSL.cla01
249 The Fourier Transform & its Applications Ronald N.Bracewell Mc Graw Hill CTSL.ron02
250 Space Time Physics Edwin F.Taylor John Archibald Wheeler Freeman CTSL.edw02
251 Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters:Intense Life in the Suburbs Antonaldo Diaferio Cambridge University Press CTSL.anto1
252 Your Unix-The Ultimate Guide Sumitava Das Tata Mc Graw Hill CTSL.sum01
253 Numerical Recipes in C W.H.Press T.Vattering Cambridge University Press CTSL.will02
254 Mathematical Methods for Physics Afrken & Weber Academic Press CTSL.arf01
255 Gas Dynamics(Vol-2) Frank H. Shu University Science Books CTSL.fra01
256 Principles of Quantum Mechanics R.Shankar Springer CTSL.shan01
257 Astrophysics in a Nutshell Dan Maoz Princeton univ. Press CTSL.dan01
258 A Modern course in statistical Physics L.E.Reichl Edward Arnold Ltd. CTSL.reic01
259 The interaction of supernoval with the interstellar medium Robert Braun Sterrewacht Leiden CTSL.brau01
260 Bulletin of Astronomical society of India Vinod Krishan CTSL.kri01
261 Multi colour universe R.K.Manchanda & B.Paul Ebenezer Printing House CTSL.man01
262 Statistical Physics Daniel J Amit & Yosef Verbin World Scientific CTSL.amit01
263 Physics and Astrophysics of quark-gluon plasma Sinha Srivastava Viyogi Narosa CTSL.sinh01
264 Symmetries Gauge fields Strings and fundamental interactions Tulsi Dass Wiley CTSL.dass01
265 Mathematical methods in classical and quantum Physics Tulsi Dass S.K.Sharma Universities Press CTSL.dass02
266 J of Astrophysics and Astronomy (Vol. 16) V.K.Kapahi N.K.Dadhich Indian Academy of Science CTSL.kap01
267 The Neutron star - Black hole connection C.Kouveliotou J.Ventura et.al Kluwer Academic Publishers CTSL.kou01
268 The Neutron star - Black hole connection C.Kouveliotou J.Ventura et.al Kluwer Academic Publishers CTSL.kou01
269 Inner space Outer space Edward W.Kolb M.S.Turner et.al The University of Chicago Press CTSL.kolb01
270 Millisecond Phenomena in X-ray Binaries Rudy Wijnands CTSL.wij01
271 Pramana J. of Phy. Vol. 55 No. 4 Oct 2000 Indian academy of Science CTSL.pram01
272 Pramana J. of Phy. Vol. 62 No. 6 Oct 2004 Indian academy of Science CTSL.pram02
273 A guide to Physics Problems (Part-1) Sidney B.CahnSpringer CTSL.cahn01
274 A guide to Physics Problems (Part-2) Sidney B.CahnSpringer CTSL.cahn02
275 Methods of Mathemetical Physics (Vol.1) Richard CourantWiley India CTSL.cour01
276 Methods of Mathemetical Physics (Vol.2) Richard CourantWiley India CTSL.cour02
277 Cosmology Steven WeinbergOxford CTSL.stev02

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