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Summer Fellowship

Summer Intern Fellowship

  • This programme is for candidates from outside IIT Kharagpur
  • Eligibility: 3rd year onwards at UG level
  • Fellowship Rs.150/- per day upto Rs.7500/-
  • How to Apply: Email your up-to-date resume with detail marks obtained at UG level. Also send brief project proposal within 150 words from the broad areas available to ctsvp@cts.iitkgp.ac.in.
  • Last date for application on 29-02-2020.

Broad area of Projects available:
Faculty Dept. / Centre Project (Broad Area) Prerequisites
Suman Chakraborty Department of Mechanical Engineering Fluid dynamics and micro/nano scale phenomena in biological systems Science and Engineering
Arghya Taraphder Department of Physics Mathematical modelling from data to therapy: how to control cancer growth Computational skill, knowledge of basic non-linear models
Sudhansu S. Mandal Department of Physics Many Body Diagonalization for Determining Atomic and Molecular Structures Hydrogen Atom solution of the Schrodinger equation, and optionally about orbitals of atoms and molecules
Sandeep Saha Department of Aerospace Engineering Energy-efficient buildings Good grades in fluid Mechanics and heat transfer
Samudra Roy Department of Physics Optical wave dynamics in nonlinear photonic systems Basic optics, Classical and Quantum optics, Knowledge of solving PDE, MATLAB
Hari Shankar Mahato Department of Mathematics Multiscale Modeling and Simulations of Flow in Heterogeneous Media Ordinary and Partial Differential equations, some knowledge of Mechanics and some experience with MatLab
Sonjoy Majumder Department of Physics Computational quantum optics Programming skills, Quantum mechanics-I and optics-I
Vishwanath Shukla Department of Physics Non-Equilibrium states of classical, quantum and optical fluids; Machine learning and turbulence Mathematical physics, knowledge of programming language
Puneet Kumar Patra Department of Civil Engineering Computational Mechanics and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Programming skills, preferred: basic knowledge of statistical mechanics and molecular dynamics
Anoop Ayyappan Department of Chemistry Computational study of reactions in prebiotic chemistry Basic chemistry and programming

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