QCQC-2007 will be held at Centre for Theoretical Studies, IIT Kharagpur during December 11-13, 2007
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The aim of this meeting is to bring together scientists and young researchers working in the emerging areas of cooperative quantum phenomena and quantum computing. Several new systems and devices that use quantum properties of electrons and spins have lately been investigated from the point of view of (i) both basic science applications, as well as (ii) basic units for quantum computers. A clear understanding of both these aspects by the two communities is essential for fruitful research in these areas. This will be a meeting ground for Interaction between research groups at IIT Kharagpur and ISI Kolkata, SINP and other institutes in India as well as institutions abroad. The meeting is sponsored by Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata and organised jointly by the Centre for theoretical studies, IIT Kharagpur and Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata.

Outline of the proposed meeting

We propose to have a three-day meeting (December 11-13, 2007), where experts will deliver lectures and each lecture will be followed by extended discussions. Emphasis will be given to developing joint collaborations and reach out to young researchers in the field. There is a already as sizable community of researchers here at IIT Kharagpur in the areas of quantum correlations and quantum computing. We expect to bring together all the prominent groups from all over India. A few front-line experts from abroad will also be invited. The list of speakers and invitees will be finalized in consultation with the organizing/advisory committee members from SINP. We propose to have about 75 participants including research scholars. A large number of masters and undergraduate students of IIT Kharagpur are expected to attend and benefit from interactions with experts.

Tentative areas (not restricted to the following)

  • Correlated quantum systems; quantum phase transitions; spin systems, nanosize systems; quantum devices : spintronics, quantum gates, atomic gates/switches, interfaces, molecular electronic devices.
  • Entanglement based quantum correlations : use of statistical and deterministic correlations in entanglement assited communication protocols.
  • Quantum computation : current trends in quantum-- algorithms, cryptography, information processing and theory.
  • Multipartite Quantum Entanglement : combinatorial aspects of multipartite entanglement networks.


Other events: QIP 2008 (December 17-21, 2007) in New Delhi will immediately follow the 27th Annual Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science conference (FSTTCS 2007, December 12-15, 2007), which is being organised by the Indian Association for Research in Computing Science at the same venue.


To contact us:

Arghya Taraphder and S.P.Pal
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Convenor, CTS
Centre for Theoretical Studies
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K. Sengupta and B. K. Chakrabarti
Co-Convenor, QCQC - 07
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
1/AF Bidhannagar, Kolkata -700064
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Fax: + 91-33-2337-4637
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