astro-ph/0409616      (Accepted to MNRAS)
A 2D analysis of percolation and filamentarity in the SDSS DR1
Biswajit Pandey and Somnath Bharadwaj 

astro-ph/0405059   2004ApJ...615....1B
Using the filaments in the LCRS to test the LambdaCDM model
Somnath Bharadwaj and Biswajit Pandey

astro-ph/0311342    2004ApJ...606...25B
The Size of the Longest Filaments in the Universe
Somnath Bharadwaj, Suketu Bhavsar, Jatush V.Sheth

Evidence for Filamentarity in the Las Campanas Redshift Survey
Bharadwaj, Somnath; Sahni, Varun; Sathyaprakash, B. S.; Shandarin, Sergei F.; Yess, Capp

Click here for a quick look at the filaments in the LCRS

My notes on filaments in the LCRS Volume Limited Subsamples

Ongoing Research:

The earlier analysis was restricted to volume limited subsamples. This is now being extended to flux limited subsamples of teh LCRS.

My notes on this.

Links to rreferences on related topics:
V. Kolokotronis, S. Basilakos and  M. Plionis
Supercluster Properties as a Cosmological Probe

Title: Scaling of voids and fractality in the galaxy distribution
Authors: Jose Gaite and Susanna C. Manrubia