Syllabus Proposed by Somnath Bharadwaj and Sayan Kar

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                                                          Depth Requirements

                             Third Semester                             Fourth Semester
Introduction to Quantum Physics I  (3-1-3) Introduction to Quantum Physics - II  (3-1-3)
Introduction to Classical Physics-I (3-1-3) Introduction to Classical Physics-II (3-1-3)

                               Fifth Semester                            Sixth Semester
Classical Mechanics -I    (3-1-0) Classical Mech-II and Cllassical Statistical  Mechanics  (3-1-0)
Quantum Mechanics-I (3-1-0) Quantum Mechanics -II (3-1-0)
Electtromagnetic Theory -I (3-1-0)  Electromagnetic Theory -II (3-1-0)
Mathematical Methods in Physics  (3-1-0)  Computational and Numerical methods in Physics  (3-1-0)
Physics Practical   -I       (0-0-6) Physics Practical -II (0-0-6)

                             Seventh Semester                              Eighth Semester
Quantum Statistical Mechanics (3-1-0) Experimental Methods in Physics (3-0-0)
Electronics (3-0-0) Elective -II
Elective -I  Elective-III
Physics Practical -III   (0-0-9) Physics Practical iV (0-0-9)

                     Ninth Semester                               Tenth Semester
Elective -IV  Elective -VII
Elective -V Elective VIII
Elective -VI 
Physics Practical -V (0-6-0)

                                                    Detailed Syllabus


Introduction to Quantum Physics -I (3-1-3)
Quantum Mechanics: Postulates -  Operators - Wave function - Tunneling -
Simple Harmonic Oscillator - - Rigid Rotor - Hydrogen atom - Time independent
Perturbation Theory
Atomic and molecular spectra:: Atomic spectra -
Molecular Spectra - rotation levels- vibration levels - Zeeman effect
- Raman effect , etc.

 Introduction to Classical Physics -I (3-1-3)
Thermodynamics :
 Condensed natter (classical aspects)} - crystal structure - elasticity - surface tension
- fluid flows and viscosity, etc.

Introduction to Quantum Physics -II (3-1-3)
Quantum statistics: Bose Statistics and Fermi statistics with one application each
 Condensed Matter (Quantum Aspects):
Nuclear Physics}:Nuclear Phenomena - simple applications of QM in Nuclear Physics

Introduction to Classical Physics -II (3-1-3)
Electromagnetism and Optics::
Special Relativity:



For Electives I, IV, V and VI the students willl choose from a common pool of Physics electives which will be offered in the autumn semester and for Electives II, III, VII and VIII the students will choose from a common pool of Physics electives which will be offered in the spring semester.

    Electives may be of the following kind:

1. Three credit (3-0-0) theory courses covering different branches of
physics at varying depths.

2. Three credit laboratory courses (1-0-3) dealing with advanced
experiments and techniques not covered in the general physics
practical courses. Some of these courses could be carried out in the
research labs where the students could get exposure to the advanced
experimental techniques while participating in the research programs
of the laboratory.