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Mathematical Methods and Computational Physics    2004
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1. Introduction    8/1/2004   15/1/2004

2. Stability and Instability of Computations     22/1/2004  29/2/2004

3. Numerical Integration and its application    5/2/2004     12/2/2004

4.  Ordinary Differential Equations    12/2/2004

5.  How to use Numerical Recipes?

6. Viva-voce  8-4-2004 and 15-4-2004


 Instructions for submitting lab reports

Lab Reports are to be prepared using Latex. The figures are to be drawn using gnuplot and saved in POSTSCRIPT  format. These figures can be included in the Latex files and the whole lab report convertd to a single POSTSCRIPT file.

Help is available here.

The Lab Report (the POSTSCRIPT file) is to  be submitted as an attachment through email to mathphy2004@cts.iitkgp.ernet.in

Lab Reports are to be submitted for the following:

1. Numerical Integration and its application Problems 2 and 3.
Deadline: 4/3/2004

2. Ordinary Differential Equations   Problems 1 and 2
Deadline: 12/3/04

PROJECT 2004 (Deadline: 18.04.2004)