Computational Physics 305012
Spring Semester 2002
Instructor:  Somnath Bharadwaj

This course will have roughly three components
1. Numerical Analysis
2. Parallel programming
3. Physics Applications
The emphasis of this course will be more on the practical aspects i.e. writing programs and solving problems rather than theoretical issues.


1. Integration : Trapezoidal Rule, Simpson's Rule Assignment 1
2. Integration: Application to find the period of an oscillator with exponential potential Assignment  II
3. Ordinary Differential Equations: Euler Method, Taylor Series Method, Runge-Kutta Methods: Assignment III
4. The swimming pool problem
5. Partial Differential Equations - the diffusion equation Assignment V
6. Hyperbolic PDEs
7. Poisson Equation Assignment VII
8. Using FFT to solve Poisson Equation with periodic boundary conditions
Assignment VIII