The International Conference on Vibration Problems (ICoVP) aims at bringing together people from science and engineering working in the area of vibrations and wave propagation. The first conference in this series was started in 1990 by Prof. M.M.Banerjee and Prof. P. Biswas, who are the founding members of ICoVP. Presently, this conference is organized biennially, and the one to be organized at IIT Kharagpur is the ninth in this series of conferences.

The previous locations of this conference were:

1990: A.C. College Jalpaiguri, India

1993: A.C. College Jalpaiguri, India

1996: University of North Bengal, India

1999: Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

2001: Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (IMASH), Moscow, Russia

2003: Technical University of Leberec, Czech Republic

2005: Isik University, Sile campus, Istanbul, Turkey

2007: Bengal Engineering and Science University, Sibpur, India


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