CSNM 2007 will be held on 16th - 18th January, 2007

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together different groups working in Correlated systems and new materials together and train young researchers in these areas. There are strong groups at several institutes, IITs, Universities and national laboratories engaged in both basic and applied research in new materials (which are primarily correlated electronic and magnetic systems and include nanomaterials, quantum device materials like spintronic systems, dilute magnetic semiconductors and photonic materials). We strive to reach out to these groups, bring experts and young workers to this workshop and foster collaborative work and exchange of intellectual knowhow.

The format of the workshop will provide lectures in the morning followed by discussion/tutorials in the afternoon and group discussion after dinner. It is indeed a primary goal, that this intensive focused workshop will facilitate collaboration and exchange of ideas and personnel among different groups.

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Arghya Taraphder
Convenor, CSNM - 07
Centre for Theoretical Studies
Indian Institute of Technology
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