Theoretically Speaking ................

A day long meeting on theoretical aspects in science & Engineering
(20th & 27th March 1999)
  Venue - CTS Seminar room


Quantum Chaos : a Bohmian trajectory analysis -- P.K. Chattraj
Operators on Hilbert space -- S. Nanda
Electroweak interaction : a view from the nuclear window -- P.K. Raina
Membranology -- S. Kar
Hybrid methodologies for supervisory control systems -- A.Patra & S. Mukhopadhyay
Order parameter symmetry in high Tc superconductors -- A. Taraphder
Genetic Engineering versus chemical technology : a paradigm -- N.K. Brahma
The nonlinear dynamics of piecewise smooth maps -- S. Banerjee
How are galaxies distributed ? -- S. Bharadwaj